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Our qualified staff can normally attend blockages within two hours of your call and we provide a fast efficient and competitively priced.
If further repair works are required then a quotation will be provided free of charge

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A blocked toilet usually comes completely out of the blue, the toilet is used, you try to flush and the toilet bowl fills with water, right to the top.  Whatever you do, do not panic and make sure you do not try to flush again as this could cause a serious toilet water overflow and that is best avoided by any means possible.  Instead, give London Drain Surveys a call on 020 3432 0530 and we will be able to unblock your toilet efficiently without any fuss or mess.  Let us get our hands dirty for you and restore calm in your home or commercial property as soon as possible.

A blocked toilet can be one of the worse possible blockages in your home or workplace. This is not only down to the inconvenience it can cause but because of its nature, it will without a doubt, cause a foul smell and can cause a lot of damage if it overflows.  It is also extremely unhygienic if an overflow occurs and this can breach health and safety regulations for commercial properties so it is best dealt with as soon as a blockage occurs. An overflowing toilet can potentially cause expensive damage to your property, ruining floors and bathroom furniture so it is best to get help before it gets out of hand and that is where we at London Drain Surveys can help.  We treat all our customers to our high level of customer service from the moment you call us, no matter how small or large your job is.

Blockages are so common in both residential and commercial properties.  All is takes is a build up of toilet paper, or wet wipes, paper towels and other foreign objects being flushed down the toilet which can build up over time and eventually cause a blocked toilet.  You can try to avoid having a blocked toilet in the future by ensuring you only use flushable toilet tissue and flush frequently, this will help to keep the pipes blockage free and keep the flow of water consistent.

If the toilet is blocked in your property, where it may be the only toilet, this is a problem you will want resolved as soon as possible.   Also, businesses that require a working toilet can lose money if they have to shut down temporarily while a blocked toilet is fixed and at London Drain Surveys we understand all this. Our qualified staff can normally attend blockages within two hours of your call.  Our staff have many years of experience and will be able to fix your blocked toilet, whether it is for your home or commercial property.  London Drain Surveys will ensure you have your toilet unblocked and working perfectly as quickly as possible, to minimise your stress.  Our rates are extremely competitive and our high level of customer service ensures our customers are always happy to recommend us.

So if you have a blocked toilet, think London Drain Survey and give us a call on 020 3432 0530 and let us do what we do best.

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 Blocked Toilet

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