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Wembley Park

Case Studies – We have recently carried out a project next to Wembley Park in London where the client had a section of drain that was collapsed underneath the roadway and adjacent to a clothes factory. This clothes factory was adjacent to a number of private houses.  Our client was the solicitors who were acting on behalf of the insurance company and this particular drainage problem quite surprisingly had been going on for over five years.  In 2009 the adjoining properties had been vacated and the insurance companies had temporarily re-housed the tenants until the repairs could be agreed and completed.  Unfortunately for the insurance company and the landlords of the property the case dragged on and on and on and no one could agree on who was responsible for the potentially expensive remedial works required.  The insurance company believed that it was the responsibility of the local water company/borough council but having checked their records they confirmed they had no responsibility for that section of drain as it was on a private road.

So after five years the end result was that the insurance company were left with a problem that they needed to resolve but unfortunately could not find any company on their approved list who would deal with such a complex issue as the drain that needed repairing was in a road that even though was private and belonged to a number of properties and was heavily used and had numerous cars parked on a daily basis.  It was also a one way access point to the clothes factory so as such the clothes factory wanted 24 hour access to their building so they didn’t want the road excavated so necessitate the repair and also nobody wanted to lose their parking spaces again whilst these necessary repairs were carried out.

Once we became involved we liaised with the solicitors and the insurance companies and a private drainage consultant that the insurance companies had employed to oversee the project and then we directly liaised with the clothing factory and the local residents and then the Highways Department and the Council so we could arrange the road closure and complete these works.

As required the road was shut off and we found an alternative access for the clothing factory.  The residents were compensated for their parking spaces that they were unable to use and the extensive repairs were carried out on the section of road and on the entrance to the clothing factory where necessary.

All in all the repairs took approximately four weeks to complete and the drains were put back into full working order and the residents moved back in after five years to the original property that had problems with the drainage systems and all parties were completely satisfied with the results.

This involved numerous meeting throughout the project by our management team to ensure everyone was kept informed of the projects progress.  The project was completed in London on time and within budget.



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