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Drain Tracing – Not sure where your drains go to or the actual course they take?

Drain tracing is a useful tool for discovering the path your current drainage pipes take. In their hidden location underground it can be impossible to know where the network has been laid. Often, existing plans just don’t provide a full picture. This can be for a number of reasons, such as a failure to update the record when things last changed. It can even be the case for some clients that they cannot gain access to the plans or sometimes they do not even exist. Whatever the reason, using London Drain Surveys to trace your drains provides a clear and full plan so you can take the next step with confidence.

The benefits this information can give depends on what you’ve got planned. Most commonly, builders and housing developers employ this service to be sure they know where to build and where to avoid. Repairs can be extremely costly should you collide with an existing framework, so investing in a trace ahead of time is a wise investment. The friendly and experienced engineers we employ have helped surveyors and builders alike to make well-informed decisions. By creating a plan of the internal and external drain connections and runs we can build up a map of the pipes beneath ground. Our helpful team can work alongside civil engineers to then decide whether deep excavation is the best way forward, or if it’s best to install simple storm drains.

The methods used have changed throughout the years. The latest technology helps to locate buried sewers using a type of radio transmitter. Even non-metallic pipes can now be found, as well as the plastic and traditional clay versions. The use of sonar in this application enables the depth of a system to be discovered without the need for excavation. A transmitter is sent down the pipes, which then transmits live information back to the receiver stationed above ground.

Alternatively, dye testing can be used whereby a coloured pellet or powder is released into the drainage system to clarify the route being taken by any liquid. It is simple yet effective and has been widely used due to it’s low cost and easy administration. Environmentally friendly products are used to run through different parts of a given section, simultaneously identifying any problems such as blockages or cross-contamination. With either of these two tried and tested methods, video inspection can be used in conjunction to get a better view of the underground network.

Prior to construction this kind of survey can be invaluable. Rather than digging a seven foot hole only to find you’ve hit a pipe or missed the one you were looking for, now you can pinpoint an exact location. Accuracy increases and this means less wasted time and money. Where there are disputes over ownership and building location, proof of what lies beneath can add weight to your case. Whether you’re currently in the process of building works or just planning for the future should an emergency occur, it makes sense to have a copy of your drain tracing results available.

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Drain Tracing London

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