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Blocked sinks are a nuisance most homeowners will have to deal with. They prevent you from getting the most basic of household tasks done and the cause isn’t always obvious. We rely on the ease of a quick draining basin to wash away water without a second thought. When this system goes wrong, time spent worrying about what to do next is wasted – call our expert team at London Drain Surveys and you’ll already be closer to a solution.

Have you ever considered how the sink in your kitchen works? You might think there is suction involved in pulling away whatever filled the bowl. In fact, simple gravity does all the work. When houses are constructed the pipes are installed at angles that allow liquid to flow to the sewage system naturally. Whether you’re in the en suite in your converted attic room, or gazing at the garden from your kitchen washing up bowl, this rule stays true. It’s not one straight line though, as you may have noticed if you’ve ever taken a look behind that cupboard door or porcelain pedestal.

A standard setup has a U-shaped trap, so named because it quite literally creates a trap for the water. The force of releasing the plug or running the powerful tap above creates enough force to push the majority further down the pipes and into the drain. The curved section is important as it retains a small amount of water that stays put, making a seal. Smelly gases that might otherwise leak back into your home are kept well away by this clever design. Unfortunately this does sometimes end up trapping other things you’d rather had been flushed away.

The number one typical debris is hair, as despite our best efforts there’s always some escaping down the plughole. Many households use a strainer to avoid clogging but even with this tool, over time build-ups occur. Families with a busy bathroom often end up with the worst cases. Another top offender is grease and fat, which businesses will know all too well. Cafes and restaurants, factories and offices end up with this material choking up the pipework. As a substance that’s liquid when hot, it’s far too easy to pour it away thinking it will leave with the rest. What makes it such a problem is that once cool it solidifies, and the trap makes a perfect place for this to happen.

For these types of blockage and more our customers know we are ready and able to remedy a frustrating situation. Your urgency is translated into our speed and efficiency, working in a methodical way to check the cause and eliminate the problem. Trying to prepare food without a sink becomes very difficult very quickly, so it’s worth speaking to us straight away when you find it all stopped up. Sometimes a clog can occur further down the line and our specialist knowledge allows us to carefully examine the system until we root out the underlying reason.

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