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Cracked drainage pipes in need of re-lining are an all too common occurrence. In many cases there is little the home or business owner can do to foresee it, given their situation underground. Typically it will be the result of an extended root from nearby trees or shrubs. A change in the weather can often lead to these unexpected growth spurts that break through old and weak surfaces. These breaks can also occur due to subsidence. You might well be alerted to the problem through cracks in your property elsewhere, but bear in mind the consequences beneath ground too. Large sections of soil and rock being displaced can snap the clay tubes, leaving water and waste flowing into the wrong territory.

Environmental changes can be the first sign that anything is wrong. Bad odours arising around your building might mean stale water gathering somewhere it shouldn’t. Your nose will definitely tell you if waste is overflowing! Boggy ground is another indicator that all is not as it should be, so if you put your foot in a grassy puddle don’t just ignore it. Holes opening up in the tarmac are a more obvious symptom of broken sewer pipes. When that liquid runs out into solid ground it can cause mayhem, requiring expensive repairs. The best course of action is getting a repair quickly.

Our lining system is a great solution. Instead of digging up the entire length and causing disruption to both you and those close by, modern technology means we only need a single entry point. Our no-dig option involves installing a lining which bonds to the inside of the existing pipe. Using the outer, older version as a guide, it covers all gaps and cracks to form a smooth layer. Minimum fuss is the main benefit of this method, and one our customers are always pleased about. The reason it works for both domestic and commercial clients is that it can be applied to a huge range of pipe sizes, no matter what material they carry away.

It can be used on single lengths or longer sections by overlapping the liners. Especially when deployed by one of our trained and highly experienced team, this option is quick and effective. It can take just a couple of hours so there’s no need to pack your bags and take a long holiday. Initially we undertake a CCTV drain survey, which will establish if this option is definitely necessary. A preliminary clean is always performed to make sure the treatment is as effective as possible. It needs a good surface to adhere to so it’s essential there is no debris in the way. We use the brilliant technique of high pressure water jetting to remove limescale and dirt. The new, inner pipe is inserted and sticks to the original using a special waterproof resin. A ‘packer’ forces the new one outwards, giving it a push to bond really well. This is what ensures a sealed, hole-free layer that gets rids of any leaks.

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