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Help with blocked drains

We are your local friendly drainage experts and we’re here to help with any drainage problem. Whether you have a slow draining sink or need all of your drainage pipes replaced, we are here to help. We use high pressure water jets which can clear most blockages quickly and efficiently, and for any persistent or larger issues we can perform a CCTV drain survey which will allow us to investigate the problem fully.

What is a CCTV drain survey? Do I need a CCTV drain survey?

When we undertake a CCTV drain survey we use state of the art micro cameras on a reel system which are fed into your drains. This provides us with a clear picture of every area of your drains, without requiring any digging or upheaval. We can see every nook and cranny, including holes or blockages – and even small cracks which are not yet causing a problem but may soon become a major leak or hole if left untreated. We specialise in CCTV drain surveys in Earlsfield  and the surrounding area and can clearly show you exactly where any potential issues lie.

What if there is a hole in my drainage pipe?

If your CCTV drain survey does identify a crack or hole in your pipework all is not lost! There is a chance we could repair your pipe without the need for any digging. Our relining service allows us to reline a section of pipe remotely using CCTV images. If relining is not appropriate we can of course excavate and replace pipework. The good news is that a CCTV survey carried out before digging allows us to dig only where necessary to access the relevant pipe, so there is minimal disruption for you.

Can I claim on my insurance for drainage work?

It is usually possible to claim on home insurance for drainage work. We have worked with many clients in Earlsfield to help them to get their claim processed. Many insurance companies will require a CCTV survey before agreeing to pay out on a claim, and we produce footage in the industry standard format meaning you can provide this to your insurance company. We are familiar with most insurance company requirements so we can help you to get your claim processed quickly.

For all types of drainage problems in Earlsfield, get in touch with London Drain Surveys today.

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