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High Pressure Water Jetting.

High Pressure Water Jetting – this is normally included in the cost of carrying out the survey

High pressure water jetting

One area we are proud to specialise in is high pressure water jetting. For some this might be a new term, but it is a technique of pressurising water to extreme levels for use as a cleaning and clearing tool. Like our customers, you might find yourself in need of this service for descaling, unblocking and preparing pipes and drains.

Most commonly we find that industries requiring this include manufacturing, aviation, construction and surface renewal. Those working in factories that handle food and other substances will no doubt have a need for jetting at some point, just as waste disposal plants and road maintenance teams will also. Whatever the nature of your business, if you have a drainage issue that you think may be caused by a blocked sewer then this solution is ideal.

Given this is often a necessary part of a full drain or sewer survey, we have plenty of experience in removing obstructions in this way. In order to achieve a satisfactory CCTV image during a survey, liquid is used in directed jets to remove unwanted deposits such as mineral and scale build ups. As a tried and tested method, chemical free and environmentally friendly we can highly recommend it.

The washer machine works by using a built-in motor to run a pump that then creates the right environment for increased water velocity. Once this is achieved, a small opening allows a measured volume to be released at extreme speeds. We make sure that regulators within our equipment create just the right level of pressure to have the desired impact. Different types of nozzle allow us to create a variety of results as we adapt for the task in hand.

Our water blaster units offer an immense pressure that combined with the appropriate faucet and hose can remove even the most difficult or toughened refuse. It works like a knife to strip objects and dirt from the surface being cleaned, dislodging anything that needs to be broken down and washed away. Various safety mechanisms and our fully trained staff ensure a worry free and efficient experience for our clients. Our reliable personnel come equipped with all the necessary PPE and will no doubt put you at ease. If you are looking for a friendly, time conscious company with an established track record in high pressure water jetting drain cleaning service then we can certainly help you.

As part of a thriving business ourselves, we are well aware of the negative impact that drain problems can have on production. The smooth running of numerous commercial operations relies on the safe and fast removal of waste, water and other liquids and our aim is to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum. Our assessment of the situation won’t take long and the use of our machines themselves is a quick and painless process for the businesses we work with. We’ll keep you informed and consult you if there are any access arrangements that need to taken into consideration.

Industrial water jetting used when there is a blockage or obstruction in the pipework or when the pipework needs cleaning through. Sometimes this is necessary when prior to carrying a drain CCTV survey so as to ensure the survey/footage is clear and accurate. This is normally included in the cost of carrying out the survey and all drain survey vans are equipped with high pressure water jetters. London Drain Surveys offer a comprehensive commercial drainage, pipe cleaning and surveying service. We are specialists in high pressure water jetting and have over 25 years experience in the drainage industry.

We can attend any address in the London area including Watford, Croydon, Dartford, Romford and Twickenham to carry out high pressure water jetting and pipe cleaning on an hourly or daily rate, whatever is more appropriate for the client.

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High Pressure Water Jetting London – Drain Cleaning Service

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