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Re-rounding Drainage Pipes.


Re-rounding Drainage Pipes

is normally carried out on pitch fibre pipe work where the pitch fibre has potentially collapsed underground and again rather than excavating the pipework out which could prove to be very costly on a lot of occasions then re-rounding the drain using special reforming equipment and then a lining system installed which effectively creates a new pipe within the existing pitch fibre and comes with all its guarantees of longevity.

Pitch fibre pipework was very popular in the seventies as it was a new alternative to the old ‘clay drainage systems’ which were heavy and cumbersome.  This new lightweight bitumen based pipework was quick and easy to fit and cut costs considerably at that time.  Unfortunately it hasn’t stood the test of time and delaminates and then collapses which results in the drainage system failing.  On most occasions this can be resolved by using specialist equipment to re-round the pipework and then a new liner is installed and so again the life expectancy is increased dramatically.

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Rerounding Drainage Pipes

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