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Relining Drainage Pipes.

Relining drainage pipes – normally used underneath properties or on the public highway

Relining Drainage Pipes / Drain Lining / Drain Relining

is used as an alternative to excavating the drain and replacing it with new. The advantage of this is that there is very little disruption as normally the lining can be carried out between the inspection chambers and it effectively puts a new drain inside the existing drain using a sophisticated inversion lining system. This is usually much more cost effective than excavation work as the works are completed much quicker and again they meet industry standards and is a preferred method of repair as opposed to excavation/repair by insurance companies. Normally these materials are guaranteed for a minimum of ten years and this repair is considered as a long term solution.

For more specialist robust commercial operations we can use a German system (Brawoliner) which is an apoxy liner system with the capabilities of lining around 90º bends without a crease. It also has the advantage of lining through defects in drainage systems where other lining systems would not be capable of carrying out an adequate repairs. Relining Drainage Pipes is normally used underneath properties or on the public highway.

Re-Lining drains is using ‘no dig’ technology so that the drain can be repaired by gaining access through Inspection Chambers and then by virtually putting in a new drain inside an existing drain and utilising the structure of the existing pipework in-situ.  This will increase the flow rate of the drain and ensure any displaced joints/cracks are covered over which will prevent any contamination of the surrounding groundwork from the sewage water.  This lining material comes with a ten year guarantee so it will increase the life expectancy of the drain considerably for many years to come

London Drain Surveys is an accredited installer of standard drain lining / drain relining  systems and Brawoliner systems and has been carrying these type of works for over twenty years and are specialists in Relining drainage pipes.

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We don’t only work with current systems that have been put in place previously. We can also lay new pipe work and have experience creating them where pitch fibre has collapsed beneath the ground. Like any hard working and fundamental system, years of service can lead to normal wear and tear. Our maintenance services include the relining of drainage pipes where deemed necessary, which can often be an advantageous alternative to having a full replacement. As in every aspect of our work, a professional and efficient approach guarantees the best use of time to minimise disruption for our clients.

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Accreditations and Relining drainage pipes

Relining Drainage Pipes London

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LDS is an accredited installer of standard lining systems and Brawoliner systems and has been carrying out this type of works for over twenty years


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