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When you talk about up-and-coming boroughs of London, the latest surprise to join the list is Streatham. It certainly is a newcomer, having only recently begun to shake off the down-turn it has struggled through since the 1970s. Nowadays property is still moderately priced but the high street is starting to see a retail revival. Companies thinking of joining this trend would be wise to plan ahead, considering their drainage needs as an essential part of their new store. With our local knowledge, we are well-placed to help you come up with a practical plan that we can implement once you take the plunge.

London borough’s like this tend to hit the headlines once the young professionals swoop in. Average property prices have been on the rise here in the last five years so it won’t be long before things really take off. Those looking for their first home in the city could do worse than this major centre, with it’s constant redevelopment and leafy common. Originally built upon the Roman road leading down to Brighton, today the level of traffic is still a serious consideration. That said, as the childhood home of first Mayor of London Ken Livingstone it certainly makes up for it with a great range of schools. Families will find a great range of amenities including an annual festival to keep then entertained without having to travel far.

With our clients taking us all over the city, this spot South of the river is well-known to our engineers. When moving to a new place, it can be hard to know who to call in an emergency should your drain be overflowing or the bath leaking. We pride ourselves on a friendly and approachable outlook, and work hard to the best port of call in those sticky situations. The high street might have changed since it’s booming trade in the 1950’s but we can be depended on to help new and established businesses alike. As the home of the UK’s very first supermarket, modern superstores have replaced these landmarks and updated the surrounding area too. Our team use our own vehicle fleet to reach you both on the main streets and out of town, avoiding keeping you waiting when your problem just can’t wait.

With an ice hockey team and brand new Ice and Leisure Centre you’d be forgiven for thinking winter provides nothing but entertainment. Although the borough boasts these great facilities, we are well aware of the perils freezing water can bring to your home. Our team can assess your property before the weather turns bad, ensuring your pipes have the necessary insulation to prevent a disaster. Even if you’re building your dream home here, we can assist in the planning stages to check for existing pipework using drain tracing. Our expertise is knowing how best to make use of the waterways, so speak to us about our CCTV drain surveys and high pressure water jetting to see just which service would suit your project.


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